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Ed Behr Auction Company offers traditional Live Auctions and two types of on-line auctions to their clients. If, for example you have just a few items of high value to sell (a pick-up, a snowmobile, and a new set of snow tires) and need them sold quickly, then a timed on-line auction may be the solution. Or perhaps you have a large collection of a particular type of item, (firearms, farm toys, machinery parts) you may want to consider doing a live webcast auction. Maybe you have an auction that would only benefit from the Website because of its advertising advantages and don’t need to add an on-line selling component. Any method or a combination will work for sales of Farmland and Real Estate!

Click here (Proxibid) to link directly to Proxibid’s homepage.


Click here (Bid-2-Buy) to link directly to Bid-2-Buy’s homepage.


The traditional Live Auction venue has been our specialty for over 15 years. If together we decide that this is the proper method for your auction, we can do all that it takes to plan, prepare, arrange and conduct your sale.
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Live Webcast Auctions, as with Proxibid, allow bidders to log on and bid in an auction live online via their personal computer. Live audio and video allows them to see and hear the auctioneer, and bid for items against other on-line attendees and in person attendees, in real time.

First, items slated for live auction are listed with the live webcast auction provider (Proxibid) by the Auctioneer (Ed Behr Auction Company) with pictures and full descriptions anywhere from 1-45 days prior to the live auction date. Bidders may access and view the auction catalog, find out pertinent information regarding the auction, and they may also register as a bidder for the live auction through the online auction provider.

Once bidders have registered with Proxibid they may begin pre-bidding on items listed in the catalog. Bidders may also leave a “maximum bid” and have it represented for them at the live auction. During the live auction, bidders may log into the webcast on their own computer and bid in real time, or have their bids entered for them up to the point where the auctioneer goes past their maximum bid. When the auctioneer says sold the high bidder owns the item whether they are on site or on-line. Payment and item pick-up are arranged through Ed Behr Auction Company.

All bidders’ anonymity and security are assured. Click on the link above to register for one of our live webcast auctions or to learn more about proxibid.


Timed Auctions are streamlined auctions which virtually eliminate the constraints that time and geographical distance can place on a bidder’s ability to participate in an auction.

Timed Auctions start out in a similar fashion as live webcast auctions. Items are listed by Ed Behr Auction Company and a catalog complete with pictures and full descriptions are posted on Bid-2-Buy’s website. There is no need to move the items from the seller’s location.

Next there is a 2 to 4 week inspection period. During this period of time, bidders may go and personally inspect items by arranging a time with Ed Behr Auction Company or at pre-scheduled viewing times.

Bidders may register for all Bid-2-Buy auctions through Bid-2-Buy’s secure registration process. On-line auctions start at a designated time and once they are made active, bidders may begin bidding on any item in the sale and they may also utilize the “maximum bid” feature which will advance their bid against those of competing bidders up until the bidder’s maximum bid.

Open bidding takes place in timed on-line auctions for a pre-determined period of time.

Bidding in timed on-line auctions typically reaches its’ most frenzied state during the last few minutes and it is important for bidder’s who aren’t using the “maximum bid” feature to attend on-line. When the bidding closes the top bidder owns the item. Buyers make payment through Ed Behr Auction Company and may pick up their items at a pre-determined time or by making arrangements with Ed Behr Auction Company.

Let us help you use the fastest growing auction methods available!

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